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February 2016

Smoothie prep…

So I have been thinking about doing something similar like this for a while to reduce food wastage, then the other day I seen this on Facebook and decided I was going to do it!

Prepping your smoothie contents and freezing it. When you want to use it you can just add a liquid or yoghurt for example and you should be good to go!

After an Aqua Fit class tonight, my friend and I went to asda to stalk up on some healthy goodies before coming home and getting to work.

The above is some of the items I put in my freezer bags. Not every bag got all items which I like as it give a little variety but the base of each bag was the kale, spinach, chia seeds and crushed almonds. The yoghurt didn’t go in any bags but I will be using it tomorrow morning for my smoothie. I also decided to open a tin of pineapple (I drained the syrup and rinsed with water, not the healthiest option I know!).


Overhead are some of my finished products and a view of how messy I am when it comes to these things!! I’m excited to see if it works well, I’ve left one out tonight for tomorrow but Wednesday will be the first time I try it out from frozen. I would love to hear if anyone’s tried this and what their verdict/tips are on it!

For now, it’s bed time. Goodnight!

5 Reasons Why Egypt Is Amazing


The first time I visited Egypt I was around 3 and a half and my sister was 6 weeks old. I am now 22 and my sister is 18 and we still visit the country as much as possible! Its almost like a second home for my family and I. After looking at some photos today I felt a little tug of miss for the country so thought I would write about some my favourite aspects of the country. There are of course so much more to the country than this little blog but nevertheless, I thought I would share my perspective!


The People

I feel like a lot of the people who visit countries like Egypt forget that they are technically visiting a third world country and as such of course you are going to be met by people trying to make a living. If this bothers you, personally I don’t think you should visit countries like this. However, if you look further than that you find people who are willing to go beyond the extra mile for you. My family and I are so extremely lucky that we have even been invited to dinners with families of the local areas we visit, all of whom are so unbelievable nice and genuine, and we keep in touch with and have revisited after many years of knowing each other. I truly cannot big them up enough!


The Culture

Egypt has such rich culture! From the food, art, perfume to the way the craft sculptures and items like jewellery and carpets.. the list is truly never ending. If you visit the country please, go into the old markets and where more of the locals go. Get away from the McDonalds!! This is where you will see the true, colourful country.


The History

I am not a history student but if I could study the Egyptian history I would! There are so many mystical places in Egypt such as the Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids & Sphinx, the Nile, Cairo which is drenched in past times, Luxor, and much, much more. The tour guides are so passionate you feel like you are taking a walk back in history. They’re also many workshops that still produce products back in the ancient way that are also fascinating such as perfume factorises, papyrus and alabaster.

The Scenery

No matter where you situated, I’ve found, you always have a phenomenal view. Be it of the mountains or the sea. It is truly a magically, beautiful place. On land and below. The scenery you find in the sea is next to no other! I have gown up snorkelling in Egypt (Ras Mohammed – one of my favourite places) and I have even been lucky enough, alongside my sister, to be joined by wild dolphins one year when we were in the water looking minding out own business– beyond magical!


The Climate

For anyone who is a bit of a sun bunny like myself, this is the crowning glory on a fantastic country! I’ve been many times throughout the year. Of course the summer months are the hottest time but in the likes of January I was still able to sunbathe at the beach! However if you decide to go in January, take a cardigan and a scarf, the wind is a lot cooler at night!


Hopefully, I have made you feel a tug towards the country and wanting to visit it. I truly adore Egypt! Ive shared a couple photos I’ve taken over the years, however the best photos I have are full of family members so I have left those ones out! I would love to know, to those of you who have been, what you loved about the country also!


Happy Monday!



Monday motivation..

Stressful weekend passed, better week to come ✨💜 



Im currently sitting here (trying to) work on my dissertation and all I can think about is in April I will have my degree and be able to take off.. It fills me with so much excitement and anxiety at the same!

Where do I go, do I go alone or try and find a partner to go with, do I do Europe, Australia or South America?! Should I work first then go? Why isn’t anything easy!


I just need to win the lottery and I’ll be set

Procrastination Pamper Session

So coming home from work I got in front of my laptop to do some of my dissertation. I stared at it for about half an hour, no words further but a lot more stressed and decided I needed a pamper night instead! The following are what I used and how I used them. They are also in the order of how I used them! They all work for me extremely well. I would love to know if anyone uses any of these products and if you use them any differently!


The scrubber – I call this little Body Shop device my little scrubber. I bought it when I was taking some beautician courses and claimed it as my own ever since. Before getting in the bath I rub my skin all over with my little scrubber for a really good exfoliation. I leave the scrubber dry and rub it forwards and back across my skin, not harshly but not soft either. I personally find this is great for giving my skin a little boost and also brilliant to use before the butterbear bath bombs to open my skin up and really soak in the moisture.


Butterbear Bath Bombs – I got given these wonderful LUSH bath bombs for my birthday in November from my lovely friends! You get 6 in the box and unfortunately I am now down to my last one. Not only is the packaging so adorable, the product itself is fantastic. The butterbear’s are vanilla-scented and fills your bath up with a moisturising cocoa butter. When you get out your bath your skin will feel like heaven. For someone who can find putting moisture a on a chore, I also love this little gem as a “cheat way” of hydrating your skin and leaving you smelling wonderful.


Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask – Another Body Shop purchase. I love a facemask! What I adore about this one is, it goes on lovely like a mask and dries nicely, cleansing my pores. Then when I go to take it off with warm water it acts as a scrub and literally does wonders for my skin! Bye, bye black heads! I really would recommend this facemask, highly, to anyone.


Coco White – Coconuts rock. Each day I use something with coconut in it, be it to cook, use for beauty and health purposes or to smell freaking awesome. I really like this product. I cant say I use the course like your suppose for teeth whitening purposes, purely because its not the cheapest product to buy and I’m student! What I use it for is for a deep clean of my teeth. Like the product says to, I swirl it in my mouth for around 10-15 minutes. I usually do it when I’m watching a movie or in the bath as ill just swirl it for as long as I feel like it! I also use normal coconut oil to do this clean but I love the way that the coconut white tastes. If you buy these or plan using them in the future what I have learned, and my friends have commented to, is to warm the product in your hand before using it as trying to warm it in your mouth is not the great feeling or has the nicest texture!!


Sudocrem – Dear the inventor of sudocrem, thank you! I use sudocrem at least ½ a week. I put it a light covering on my clean face at night before bed if I feel my skin is extra dry or a bit broken (which it usually is!) and sleep with it on. I feel it helps any breakouts that are in the process of healing up and leave my face so smooth in the morning. If I feel like I am in the process of getting spots however I tend to not use it, especially if I have something on the next day, as I feel it brings the sports out quicker!


So this is how I spent my procrastinating late evening! I hope I’m not the only one! I now smell and feel incredible! I’ve had a wonderful bath, getting pampered and watching Netflix’s, so I am now going to bed!


Have a great Friday night!




Lip Kit By Kylie – Why you should buy it

I don’t pretend to be a make up expert or even the best at putting make up on but I know what I like and what I don’t like.

I am loving the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit! I wish I had bought more than the one!

To start with you get you package in a cute little box – I was like a kid at Christmas! Which has a message in it from Kylie Jenner and your Lip Kit you ordered. I always love when items come with  little extra effort – it makes me feel like I am getting more for my money!
I started off with playing with the lip liner.The lip liner is extremely smooth when putting on. It’s so easy to use for a amature like myself and actually marchers the matte lipstick perfectly, which I personally find a huge bonus as I have been stung in the past with purchases not matching like I would wish them to. image1-2

I then went on to the matte lipstick. I really enjoy that the lipstick is through a lipgloss brush. I find, for an unprofessional like me, that it is much easier to put on. It glides on top of the lip liner magically and dries smoothly without making your lips look cracked or dry. It also smells like a little drop of heaven.

I am a huge lover of matte lipstick. So I was a bit weary when purchasing, hence why I only bought one, incase this was a case a high class celebrity just putting their name on a product. However I am very please to announce that my money was well spent and I am so excitied to wear it on a night out!

I can’t wait to buy more! Thanks Kylie!


Keep smiling

Why Tuesdays suck

I have a strong dislike to Tuesdays. I work all weekend and go to uni all week. Mondays are my weekend. Tuesdays are my Mondays. Follow? Many bar workers/waiting staff probably also have the Tuesday Syndrome. Pretty sure I can’t be the only one.

Tuesdays start at the crack of dawn for me. I get up, get dress, brush my teeth and run to the bus stop. I then proceed to get on the coldest bus in Britain, as bus drivers apparently don’t believe in heating before 7am. I go to uni all day then dash to work afterwards. I work all evening before going to the 24/7 gym for an hour. I eventually get to my lovely, warm bed and of course cant sleep because that’s how life works. Why is it when you put your head down, spoon your teddy and close your eyes does your brain think its time to get up and think about that conversation you had with you ex best friend in 2007?

Cliché? I see you there, somewhere.

Sometimes you need a moan. Moans let you get everything of your chest. Lets start again Tuesday. Its 11:23. 23 is my lucky number. Maybe you could be different Tuesday? Let try for a fun, positive Tuesday!…


Count down to next Monday is on

Keep smiling



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