I have a strong dislike to Tuesdays. I work all weekend and go to uni all week. Mondays are my weekend. Tuesdays are my Mondays. Follow? Many bar workers/waiting staff probably also have the Tuesday Syndrome. Pretty sure I can’t be the only one.

Tuesdays start at the crack of dawn for me. I get up, get dress, brush my teeth and run to the bus stop. I then proceed to get on the coldest bus in Britain, as bus drivers apparently don’t believe in heating before 7am. I go to uni all day then dash to work afterwards. I work all evening before going to the 24/7 gym for an hour. I eventually get to my lovely, warm bed and of course cant sleep because that’s how life works. Why is it when you put your head down, spoon your teddy and close your eyes does your brain think its time to get up and think about that conversation you had with you ex best friend in 2007?

Cliché? I see you there, somewhere.

Sometimes you need a moan. Moans let you get everything of your chest. Lets start again Tuesday. Its 11:23. 23 is my lucky number. Maybe you could be different Tuesday? Let try for a fun, positive Tuesday!…


Count down to next Monday is on

Keep smiling