I don’t pretend to be a make up expert or even the best at putting make up on but I know what I like and what I don’t like.

I am loving the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit! I wish I had bought more than the one!

To start with you get you package in a cute little box – I was like a kid at Christmas! Which has a message in it from Kylie Jenner and your Lip Kit you ordered. I always love when items come with  little extra effort – it makes me feel like I am getting more for my money!
I started off with playing with the lip liner.The lip liner is extremely smooth when putting on. It’s so easy to use for a amature like myself and actually marchers the matte lipstick perfectly, which I personally find a huge bonus as I have been stung in the past with purchases not matching like I would wish them to. image1-2

I then went on to the matte lipstick. I really enjoy that the lipstick is through a lipgloss brush. I find, for an unprofessional like me, that it is much easier to put on. It glides on top of the lip liner magically and dries smoothly without making your lips look cracked or dry. It also smells like a little drop of heaven.

I am a huge lover of matte lipstick. So I was a bit weary when purchasing, hence why I only bought one, incase this was a case a high class celebrity just putting their name on a product. However I am very please to announce that my money was well spent and I am so excitied to wear it on a night out!

I can’t wait to buy more! Thanks Kylie!


Keep smiling