So coming home from work I got in front of my laptop to do some of my dissertation. I stared at it for about half an hour, no words further but a lot more stressed and decided I needed a pamper night instead! The following are what I used and how I used them. They are also in the order of how I used them! They all work for me extremely well. I would love to know if anyone uses any of these products and if you use them any differently!


The scrubber – I call this little Body Shop device my little scrubber. I bought it when I was taking some beautician courses and claimed it as my own ever since. Before getting in the bath I rub my skin all over with my little scrubber for a really good exfoliation. I leave the scrubber dry and rub it forwards and back across my skin, not harshly but not soft either. I personally find this is great for giving my skin a little boost and also brilliant to use before the butterbear bath bombs to open my skin up and really soak in the moisture.


Butterbear Bath Bombs – I got given these wonderful LUSH bath bombs for my birthday in November from my lovely friends! You get 6 in the box and unfortunately I am now down to my last one. Not only is the packaging so adorable, the product itself is fantastic. The butterbear’s are vanilla-scented and fills your bath up with a moisturising cocoa butter. When you get out your bath your skin will feel like heaven. For someone who can find putting moisture a on a chore, I also love this little gem as a “cheat way” of hydrating your skin and leaving you smelling wonderful.


Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask – Another Body Shop purchase. I love a facemask! What I adore about this one is, it goes on lovely like a mask and dries nicely, cleansing my pores. Then when I go to take it off with warm water it acts as a scrub and literally does wonders for my skin! Bye, bye black heads! I really would recommend this facemask, highly, to anyone.


Coco White – Coconuts rock. Each day I use something with coconut in it, be it to cook, use for beauty and health purposes or to smell freaking awesome. I really like this product. I cant say I use the course like your suppose for teeth whitening purposes, purely because its not the cheapest product to buy and I’m student! What I use it for is for a deep clean of my teeth. Like the product says to, I swirl it in my mouth for around 10-15 minutes. I usually do it when I’m watching a movie or in the bath as ill just swirl it for as long as I feel like it! I also use normal coconut oil to do this clean but I love the way that the coconut white tastes. If you buy these or plan using them in the future what I have learned, and my friends have commented to, is to warm the product in your hand before using it as trying to warm it in your mouth is not the great feeling or has the nicest texture!!


Sudocrem – Dear the inventor of sudocrem, thank you! I use sudocrem at least ½ a week. I put it a light covering on my clean face at night before bed if I feel my skin is extra dry or a bit broken (which it usually is!) and sleep with it on. I feel it helps any breakouts that are in the process of healing up and leave my face so smooth in the morning. If I feel like I am in the process of getting spots however I tend to not use it, especially if I have something on the next day, as I feel it brings the sports out quicker!


So this is how I spent my procrastinating late evening! I hope I’m not the only one! I now smell and feel incredible! I’ve had a wonderful bath, getting pampered and watching Netflix’s, so I am now going to bed!


Have a great Friday night!