The first time I visited Egypt I was around 3 and a half and my sister was 6 weeks old. I am now 22 and my sister is 18 and we still visit the country as much as possible! Its almost like a second home for my family and I. After looking at some photos today I felt a little tug of miss for the country so thought I would write about some my favourite aspects of the country. There are of course so much more to the country than this little blog but nevertheless, I thought I would share my perspective!


The People

I feel like a lot of the people who visit countries like Egypt forget that they are technically visiting a third world country and as such of course you are going to be met by people trying to make a living. If this bothers you, personally I don’t think you should visit countries like this. However, if you look further than that you find people who are willing to go beyond the extra mile for you. My family and I are so extremely lucky that we have even been invited to dinners with families of the local areas we visit, all of whom are so unbelievable nice and genuine, and we keep in touch with and have revisited after many years of knowing each other. I truly cannot big them up enough!


The Culture

Egypt has such rich culture! From the food, art, perfume to the way the craft sculptures and items like jewellery and carpets.. the list is truly never ending. If you visit the country please, go into the old markets and where more of the locals go. Get away from the McDonalds!! This is where you will see the true, colourful country.


The History

I am not a history student but if I could study the Egyptian history I would! There are so many mystical places in Egypt such as the Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids & Sphinx, the Nile, Cairo which is drenched in past times, Luxor, and much, much more. The tour guides are so passionate you feel like you are taking a walk back in history. They’re also many workshops that still produce products back in the ancient way that are also fascinating such as perfume factorises, papyrus and alabaster.

The Scenery

No matter where you situated, I’ve found, you always have a phenomenal view. Be it of the mountains or the sea. It is truly a magically, beautiful place. On land and below. The scenery you find in the sea is next to no other! I have gown up snorkelling in Egypt (Ras Mohammed – one of my favourite places) and I have even been lucky enough, alongside my sister, to be joined by wild dolphins one year when we were in the water looking minding out own business– beyond magical!


The Climate

For anyone who is a bit of a sun bunny like myself, this is the crowning glory on a fantastic country! I’ve been many times throughout the year. Of course the summer months are the hottest time but in the likes of January I was still able to sunbathe at the beach! However if you decide to go in January, take a cardigan and a scarf, the wind is a lot cooler at night!


Hopefully, I have made you feel a tug towards the country and wanting to visit it. I truly adore Egypt! Ive shared a couple photos I’ve taken over the years, however the best photos I have are full of family members so I have left those ones out! I would love to know, to those of you who have been, what you loved about the country also!


Happy Monday!