So I have been thinking about doing something similar like this for a while to reduce food wastage, then the other day I seen this on Facebook and decided I was going to do it!

Prepping your smoothie contents and freezing it. When you want to use it you can just add a liquid or yoghurt for example and you should be good to go!

After an Aqua Fit class tonight, my friend and I went to asda to stalk up on some healthy goodies before coming home and getting to work.

The above is some of the items I put in my freezer bags. Not every bag got all items which I like as it give a little variety but the base of each bag was the kale, spinach, chia seeds and crushed almonds. The yoghurt didn’t go in any bags but I will be using it tomorrow morning for my smoothie. I also decided to open a tin of pineapple (I drained the syrup and rinsed with water, not the healthiest option I know!).


Overhead are some of my finished products and a view of how messy I am when it comes to these things!! I’m excited to see if it works well, I’ve left one out tonight for tomorrow but Wednesday will be the first time I try it out from frozen. I would love to hear if anyone’s tried this and what their verdict/tips are on it!

For now, it’s bed time. Goodnight!