Yesterday, I had the pure, pleasure of serving a Dutch couple at my work.

They were truly 2 of the nicest, most funny people I have came across in my waitressing career (I may only be 22 but I have been doing this for a verrrry long time!). During the weekend I work  in a local pub/restaurant in my little town and we do get quite  a lot of travellers, especially cyclists, coming through due to our proximity to Edinburgh and Berwick Upon Tweed. I love when we have people from different walks of lives come through our door, it is always an opportunity to meet new people and discover new stories.

The couple I speak of in this post, as I say, were hilarious. They wanted to taste all the local dishes, tried but not taking kindly to the British mushy peas (can’t say I blame them!) whilst causing a riot not only with me and my workmate but also had the attention of the tables around them!

After they had their food and the other tables left I got the chance to speak to them on a more personal level. I found out they were from Holland and were currently exploring Scotland. I spoke to them for about 20 minutes before they left to continue their day. They were so generous, kind and spoke about their homeland with such love and passion, if I could have gotten on a plane then and there I would off!! When I get home from my mini world trip, I will be looking seriously at going over to Holland.



If anyone has any previous experience with Holland, such as place to go and visit, I would love to hear about them!