Is your dog so a part of your life that they are like children to you? Siblings for your human babies and little drops off heaven that dad promised he wouldn’t ever allow on the couch but who naps their every night with him? That’s our Bonnie and Clyde. 

We have 2 gorgeous Lhasa apso! Our girl Bonnie who is about 3 now, has creamy with a few gingery patches and Clyde who’s a year younger and is black all over with lots of stunning light brown patches espically when the suns out.

Last night poor wee Clyde was so ill and couldn’t stop being sick. My mum and I were actually lying on the floor of the hall with him trying to make him feel better! It would look ridiculous to anyone who wasn’t a dog person but to us, it was heartbreaking! 

And Bonnie, she runs when anyone’s ill😂 we found her downstairs hiding in my dads boots, I wish I had got a photo! 

So this is a little appreciation post for our family dogs! And there’s also a picture of how Bonnie slept on my chest last night after she was spooked by Clyde being sick! 

These are just photos off my phone, I’ll need to find more of the better ones we have of them!