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June 2016

Wonderful Wedding 

Over the weekend I got to witness 2 of my best friends getting married!! It was such a fantastic, emotional, fabulous day! In true Scottish fashion it rained all night before the wedding making everyone worry however the second the beautiful bride areived to the venue the sun came out and stayed with us all day! 

I love weddings. More than the special bond that you create watching people you love dedicate themselves to each other. As my degree is in events I appreciate the details people put into their weddings and the hours it takes to plan!

So below are some photos I got of my friends wonderful, pretty day! Not as many as I would like as it was a very busy day!

Hopefully there are some more wedding/events enthusiast who love a wedding as much as I do and appreciate all my friends gorgeous details! 💒

Local Beauties 12

Last week before the madness that was my weekend, my boyfriend took me to Binning Woods, around 5 minutes from his house. Only 5 minutes away and I didn’t even realise it existed! Does anyone else get a complete shock when things like this happen?! How did I not know an entire woods was up the road! 

The woods are huge! We were there for almost 3 hours and barely made a dent. I had the best night. There’s so much to see you just want to keep going. Apparently the woods are set out as London city is with the trees broken up into different districts which I found really interesting! We found some really interesting things in the woods such as lots of little rivers, the huge pond (why do boys always have to chuck something into water? My boyfriend just HAD to see how deep the water was!) and – what we think people use to hunt off? –  a ladder and a seat in the the trees! 

There is also a part of the woods where people can be laid to rest. The tranquility of this area is magical. So beautiful and peaceful, it’s such a lovely idea in my opinion to rested there. 

Next time I go I’ll be taking a picnic basket and spending the entire day here! 

Binning woods, East Lothian – Scotland

Goodbye Europe 

Finally starting to get my head around what I have woken up to. It’s a sad day today.

Proud to be Scottish. Disappointed to be British. So many unthought, quite frankly racist votes happened without proper thinking. Yes some leave voters had other reasons of course but it’s so sad seeing all over social media people just realising the impacted of their vote all because they didn’t want more people to move into Britain. This land wasn’t ours to start with, what makes it okay for us to claim it in such a disgusting manor? 

Let’s hope Trump doesn’t make it into the White House or then that’s us really lost everyone who was supporting us! 

Europe, Scotland & Ireland loves you 💙 

Tomorrow’s promises

When today is here and tomorrow’s just a dream you might not get, how do you spend your day?

Such a strong statement. Especially for someone like me who worries about every single thing possible. Today, I am going to live. That doesn’t mean I am going to do anything drastic and wild. It means I will embrace every aspect of my day that appears and live it thoroughly, without fear, worry or thinking about tomorrow. Enjoy the little things.


Anyone else?

Vote day! 

The U.K. are voting today, to decide whether or not we should stay within the EU. I always say to everyone when it comes up with that I respect your vote even if it’s different to mine as some people get so angry when you don’t agree with them! Everyone has a right to there opinion, just be respectful about it.

To those who haven’t decide and in limbo I thought I would share this following photo. Out my family 2 still haven’t decided what they are going to vote and the found this pretty useful. 

Hopefully someone else might find it useful too!

My personal opinion is to vote to remain within the European Union. I don’t see a benefit of leaving and when the worlds in such a state of terror constantly we need to unite together, not separate.

Above all, use your votes folks. We fought for our say so let’s use it.

What about anyone else? Do you agree with me or think we would be better away from the EU? 

One day…

Not because I don’t love my home but because there are other homes I have yet discovered 💜

A non-dancer who loves dance

To start this post off, here is a little background. I have always loved music, the theatre, dancing… the lot! But I am literally awful at every single one. Now, if you are going to say surely not you have just not found the song or dance… yes I have. I am awful. But I’m completely fine with that, I’ve embraced it!

What I am good at being –  is being the audience.

No one will cheer louder for you, appreciate the hours behind the scenes and after when your at home icing your knees or dipping into a hot bath to help the muscle pain, not a soul will cry and laugh as loud as I do when you perform. Watching people dance and preform transforms me. It controls my emotions, transforming me to a different place, leaving me breathless and has left me walking out a building feeling like I have been in a wonderful, dream.

This post stems from one of my jobs. I work in a dance school (obviously not teaching!!). I get to see the teachers, the students and even us little admin people daily. I see all the work we put in together as a team is next to no other. The strength, the stress and the days were we are all on the floor laughing. I love my job so much because I get to be apart of the dance world with two left feet. And the dancers embrace me! They love when I come to class because I try my hardest and they love my effort. This is what dance is all about for me. Embracing each other and transforming the viewer to a different destination before the lights go down.

Over the weekend I have been very busy working, and half my time was dedicated to the School I work in, which was holding our end of term 10th year anniversary dance recitals. The team preformed and held 10 shows over the weekend with over 300 students. I am literally still giddy from it. You would think I teach the students myself I get so proud and emotional! I cannot put into words how proud I am of the team and students. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so much creativity.

To all the performers, dancers out there – thank you. To all the audiences – keep cheering!! 



Full moon and skate parks

Sitting relaxing with some friends at the skate part (feeling like I’m 14 again not 22!) and totally loving it. Chilled night after a crazy weekends at my job 👌🏽

Such a beautiful moon and a beautiful sky. Wish I had a better camera than my iPhone but at least I can capture it! Just not to the full justice it deserves.

Anyone else enjoying a little back to your younger self over the summer?

Happy Monday folks 😘

Harry Potter World – London

I visited Harry Potter World when my other half and I went to London in January. Best Day Ever. Even if you aren’t the biggest Harry Potter fan (does this type of person exist?) you will still enjoy your day there

We got the train to the nearest stop of the studios where there is a bus that pickets you up and takes you directly there. This is an amazing way to start your trip as the bus is majorly Harry Potter themed!! Loved it!! You also get it at a really cheap price if you show your tickets for the studios – bonus!

We went in January and it was still Christmas themed – wowza. You walk into the building and the first thing you see if a huge big white tree christmas, as if it has been pulled out of the book from the Great Hall. It was so pretty.

The tour itself is amazing. You get the first part guided which includes a quick movie talk through of the studio experience and the get a guided tour by staff into the Great Hall. here they leave you to wander around at your own pace. This I didn’t realise and thought we would be guided the whole time. I am so glad this wasn’t the case and we got to wander around at our own pace! It just means we were able to chat, go back to our favourite bits and really just do whatever we liked!

At part of the studio’s there is a chance to get your photo taken in the flying car or/and on broomsticks. This is really fun! Even though the queue is fairly long, the staff are enthusiatic and give there all to encouraging you not to be embarrassed when acting as if you are flying on a broom or in the car spinning around! If you are willing to spend the extra pennies I would defiantly recommend doing this – extremely good fun! 

The Platform 9 3/4 and Diagon Alley were my favourite parts! I literally almost cried when I seen the huge big red train (sad I know, I don’t even care!) and Fred and George’s joke shop. Both were incredible. As these were so big I actually felt like I had jet stepped into one of the books, goosebumps were running up my arms!

Butterbear – heaven on earth. Please, please bottle this and start selling it. So good guys, get it if you are there. You can buy it

When looking back its hard to decide if we spent more time on the tour and looking through all the amazingness of literally being inside a Harry Potter book… or if we spent more time in the gift shop!! The gift shop is massive, its like a second tour. We loved it and literally took hours to enjoy every moment of it. Things can be a little pricey, but these items are one of a kind and if you are a fan you don’t mind spent the money. I can say out of all the things from food, notebooks and wands, that everything is good quality and tastes great!

Overall guys, even if you are just a little fan or a super fan (like myself) you will appreciate and love you time there. Also, they are constantly changing and adding to the studios, so I’m planning my next visit back!

I have over 300 photos from our trip… I’ll try not to add to many to this post! 

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