Earlier this year I went to the filming to be part of the audience for robot wars and managed to get a extra few tickets so took  some of siblings and friends. I found the tickets on a website call Lost In TV and applied for them as we use to love the show when we were little! 

The event itself was so cool! We got to see all the robots and watch a few fights! At the end we had rondo some repetitive cheering for the show but when you factor in that we got the tickets for free and there was a chap in the more colourful suit I’ve ever seen! Running about and keeping us enetertained – he was brilliant! You didn’t mind doing the extra for the show. 

To anyway in the UK I would definitely say to you get on this website like we know do regularly and apply for tickets to attend these shows. They are free and just such a unusual experience, so worth doing. It was a different way to spend a Friday!