Okay, another Aldi special for anyone who lives in the UK! This morning our dad called waking us and asked up to go to Aldi to get this National Geographic Camera as they apparently sold out really quickly last time! So we got out our beds and drove down. There was actually people in front of us to get them so maybe dad was on to something!! 

The camera is only £29.99 and comes with 20 additional accessories. My dads been talking about this wee camera for the past week so I am really excited to try it out! I go travelling in August and really wanted a proper camera instead of using my phone all the time but can’t afford one so this one fits perfectly into budget! It’s been linked to the go-pros in lots of reviews and my dad has one of those (he’s a little obsessed, I know!) and I really like that!

Hopefully I’ll get some cool photos from it! Does anyone else have one or used one before? Any tips?