Today I went into Edinburgh to meet my friend for lunch. Afterwards we went onto princes street with the aim to go to the art museum but she suggested that we climb The Scott Monument! I have never done it before so we went for it!

It costs ยฃ5 to get in (pretty cheap when you consider you’re in the capital I suppose!) and you can take as long or little as you would like. It is a looooooot of stairs but we laughed the whole time! The view of Edinburgh – even on a not very nice day like today – is amazing! I would suggest going if you are visiting the city. However! If you go! Try avoid going at “tourist times”such as when the fringe is on! There is only one set of stairs and they are very narrow making it so hard and frankly probably a little dangerous if you’re clumsy when passing people by. Also, wear comfy shoes! 

The Monument has a very gothic a feel which is beautiful, reminding me a lot of some buildings in Paris. There are information points around the Monumont which are interesting also and breaks up the stairs!

The Scott Monument, Edinburgh -Scotland