To start this post off, here is a little background. I have always loved music, the theatre, dancing… the lot! But I am literally awful at every single one. Now, if you are going to say surely not you have just not found the song or dance… yes I have. I am awful. But I’m completely fine with that, I’ve embraced it!

What I am good at being –  is being the audience.

No one will cheer louder for you, appreciate the hours behind the scenes and after when your at home icing your knees or dipping into a hot bath to help the muscle pain, not a soul will cry and laugh as loud as I do when you perform. Watching people dance and preform transforms me. It controls my emotions, transforming me to a different place, leaving me breathless and has left me walking out a building feeling like I have been in a wonderful, dream.

This post stems from one of my jobs. I work in a dance school (obviously not teaching!!). I get to see the teachers, the students and even us little admin people daily. I see all the work we put in together as a team is next to no other. The strength, the stress and the days were we are all on the floor laughing. I love my job so much because I get to be apart of the dance world with two left feet. And the dancers embrace me! They love when I come to class because I try my hardest and they love my effort. This is what dance is all about for me. Embracing each other and transforming the viewer to a different destination before the lights go down.

Over the weekend I have been very busy working, and half my time was dedicated to the School I work in, which was holding our end of term 10th year anniversary dance recitals. The team preformed and held 10 shows over the weekend with over 300 students. I am literally still giddy from it. You would think I teach the students myself I get so proud and emotional! I cannot put into words how proud I am of the team and students. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so much creativity.

To all the performers, dancers out there – thank you. To all the audiences – keep cheering!!