The U.K. are voting today, to decide whether or not we should stay within the EU. I always say to everyone when it comes up with that I respect your vote even if it’s different to mine as some people get so angry when you don’t agree with them! Everyone has a right to there opinion, just be respectful about it.

To those who haven’t decide and in limbo I thought I would share this following photo. Out my family 2 still haven’t decided what they are going to vote and the found this pretty useful. 

Hopefully someone else might find it useful too!

My personal opinion is to vote to remain within the European Union. I don’t see a benefit of leaving and when the worlds in such a state of terror constantly we need to unite together, not separate.

Above all, use your votes folks. We fought for our say so let’s use it.

What about anyone else? Do you agree with me or think we would be better away from the EU?