Last week before the madness that was my weekend, my boyfriend took me to Binning Woods, around 5 minutes from his house. Only 5 minutes away and I didn’t even realise it existed! Does anyone else get a complete shock when things like this happen?! How did I not know an entire woods was up the road! 

The woods are huge! We were there for almost 3 hours and barely made a dent. I had the best night. There’s so much to see you just want to keep going. Apparently the woods are set out as London city is with the trees broken up into different districts which I found really interesting! We found some really interesting things in the woods such as lots of little rivers, the huge pond (why do boys always have to chuck something into water? My boyfriend just HAD to see how deep the water was!) and – what we think people use to hunt off? –  a ladder and a seat in the the trees! 

There is also a part of the woods where people can be laid to rest. The tranquility of this area is magical. So beautiful and peaceful, it’s such a lovely idea in my opinion to rested there. 

Next time I go I’ll be taking a picnic basket and spending the entire day here! 

Binning woods, East Lothian – Scotland