Scotland’s weather has been so up and down lately. It’s either scorching hot or we have massive thunder and lighting storms! 

The other day during a break in the weather, we went down to a place called Skateraw, around a 25minute drive from my house but only 15 from my boyfriends. It’s a place I use to always go with my papa but haven’t been in years. It’s a very small beach just beside the huge Torness Power Station. Although small, it has a beach, a very old harbour foundation, is incredibly popular with birdwatchers, is on part with the John Muir trail and has many other historic attributes. 

Personal, I love going here to watch the flying birds over the sea pools and climbing the rocks.

Skateraw, Dunbar, East Lothian – Scotland

I also made a little Bunnie friend 😊🐰 poor wee guy ran across the road when we were coming in! Luckily my emergency stopping skills are very good! 🙈