So the reason why this post has that little kind off part is due to me having me already blogged about this place in Local Beauties 4 .. However! This place is amazing and is one of my favourite local beauties so I thought I would share it again.

This time, we took my little sister and walked a different way. It is so nice taking someone to one of your favourite places (so long as they like it… And she did!) because you get to share something special to you. 

It was such a fun night! The 3 of us climbed rocks, skipped stones and of course clumbsy me fell climbing up a muddy hill right onto my boyfriend who then crashed, with me, on to a tree! With my little sister laughing at us at the bottom. So now my favourite place also has some new, hilarious memories! I hope you all like my photos from here as much as you did the first time 😊

Cockburnspath, Scottish Borders – Scotland✨

None of these photos are edited and just taken on my iPhone 6s 😊

Does anyone else have a favourite place like this? Have you shared it with anyone or do you keep it a secret?