Have you guys ever heard of geocaching?! If you haven’t Google it and get informed!!

Basically in short if you download the app (I also think you can do it online without the app? But I use the app!) it you gives you your location and your nearest geocaches! We drove and walked all over my county finding different ones! A geo can be anything from a tiny little photo film box (or smaller!) to a Tupperware box. They all have a list in them that you sign after finding them and date them. Some of the bigger boxes have items you can trade, which you can see in my video below! We traded a bracelet for a different bracelet in the box. It also had a pencil sharpener and golf ball in it. 

I started writing this post last week but I’m glad I didn’t post quite yet! When out with my mum and dad my sister and I took them on there first catch! This was quite literally the funniest experince ever!! My dad got grumpy and thought we were winding him up about them as it was a really difficult one to find! And then mum found it so she was over the moan and completely gloating! Hilarious!! 

I’ve looked and places like Dubai where I’m going soon on my mini world trip have some as well! So I’ll defiantly be keep the app and find some when I’m away!

Below are some pictures and videos of how the app works and our finds! There’s one magnetic find which sows you how tiny they can be! And also, one of the boxes with items in it you can trade.


Does anyone geocach? If so where about? And have you done it abroad? My new obsession 🙊