These photos are from the start of summer when my sister and I climbed Traprain Law. I’ve lived all my life only about a 10/15 minute drive away from this huge hill and had never walked up it!! 

If I knew it had wild ponies at the top I would of been there every day! We picked such a good, sunny day to walk it for the first time. Saying that, I went back a few days later with my friend in the rain and the view was still lovely! 

The ponies are there to imrpove the quality of the land by gracing all year round. You can find the full story and power of the pony!! In this link here to our local newspaper. I love that they are not only lovely and add to the beauty of Traprain Law but actually help the land also!

Traprain Law, East Lothain – Scotland.

Does anyone else know of hills or mountains that have ponies on them for the land? Or any other any other animals? I love the entire concept!