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Puppies in the Garden

How cute are my puppies?! 😍❤️ some fun in the garden with Bonnie and Clyde yesterday in the sun! 

I haven’t shared some photos of them in a while so I thought I would because the are just the cutest!! 

Bonnies our girl and the cream one and Clydes our boy, the black one. It’s so hard getting a good photo of him as he just all blends unless he has that pink tongue out! 


When your puppy has puppies 

So my wee man (he’s not actually that wee anymore but I still call my dogs puppy’s!) is now a dad! My next door neighbour breeder with our wee Clyde and she had 6 stunning little dogs Lhasa Apso’s. I’ve never seen anything quite this raw before. This might sound silly to some! But I literally seen the 6th pup being born and it was amazing how Skye (the mum) took care of the puppy, cleaned it then moved it with the others to feed.

I thought I’d share some photos. They may be a little graffic for anyone who doesn’t like this sort of thing! So just a little warning!​ Also the snapchat video was to my poor my who was away and missed Skye giving birth – she was gutted! 

Puppy loving…

Is your dog so a part of your life that they are like children to you? Siblings for your human babies and little drops off heaven that dad promised he wouldn’t ever allow on the couch but who naps their every night with him? That’s our Bonnie and Clyde. 

We have 2 gorgeous Lhasa apso! Our girl Bonnie who is about 3 now, has creamy with a few gingery patches and Clyde who’s a year younger and is black all over with lots of stunning light brown patches espically when the suns out.

Last night poor wee Clyde was so ill and couldn’t stop being sick. My mum and I were actually lying on the floor of the hall with him trying to make him feel better! It would look ridiculous to anyone who wasn’t a dog person but to us, it was heartbreaking! 

And Bonnie, she runs when anyone’s ill😂 we found her downstairs hiding in my dads boots, I wish I had got a photo! 

So this is a little appreciation post for our family dogs! And there’s also a picture of how Bonnie slept on my chest last night after she was spooked by Clyde being sick! 

These are just photos off my phone, I’ll need to find more of the better ones we have of them! 

Duck disaster 

So this Monday morning I have taken my little sister into Edinburgh for a college interview. Waiting on here in the car park, I chose a spot right beside to resting ducks. It’s not everyday you get to park beside a duck!

Watching the pretty little animals, a silly woman came speeding into the car park and aimed for them not bothering to look where she was parking properly! I even opened my door of my car waving at her and she looked the other way and parked! She missed my new friends by inches! Luckily, they are now on the grass continuing their morning nap.

Morale of the story – please watch for ducks when parking!! 

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