So a quick insight into how I became an Au Pair and how I matched and found a family in America! Some bits I learned and what company I used!

I think it was back in January I was looking into a company called Cultural Care Au Pair. I as in the process of looking for a big life change. I knew I wanted to work/volunteer with children and have a change of scenery. Au pairing hadn’t actually been something I had planned to do. I stumbled over the website and liked what I was reading so went on and done some research. The website is easy to understand, cuts to the chance and gives you all of the information. Something that I found as a reassuring surprise after all the other websites I had been on!! I’ve actually just had a wee peak at the website now, they’ve updated and it’s looking great! 

 Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 15.26.19

From this, I filled in the application form. I think I had only done 50% of it when a lady called Steph got in touch with me from the London office. I adored this! She filled in the blanks for me, answered any questions I had and just gave the company a more inviting feel. Very important when you are about to make a huge life decision!

After speaking to Steph, I worked on my application some more. When I first started it, I didn’t realise that the families you would eventually be talking to would read this application over. Hence why it’s long and detailed. However, if like me sitting down and knocking it out in one go seems like a first-world nightmare! You can work on it and save as you go – however be quick if you’re looking to get the ball rolling and away soon.

I attended a meeting with one of cultural care’s ambassador in Edinburgh. It was very informative and again, gave me the personal touch to the company I like!

After that I decided I definitely wanted to go ahead, thus finding a match family!

A little like a dating app (it’s honestly the best way I can think to describe it) you match with a family. You then read that family’s application and they read yours. You can email back and forth and if you like each other you go from there!

I went through a few families before I found my (perfect) little family I’m now with. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong wrong with the people I had spoken to beforehand. Genuinely the dates I wanted to come over and the dates they needed didn’t workout. I matched with one family, who whilst being lovely, were very strict with their children which of course is more than fine! But I knew that wasn’t going to work for me as I’m more of a loud, lets make a mess and dance about kinda person. The match wouldn’t have gone well. I learned it’s so important to know yourself and how you operate! Don’t rush a decision just because you are excited – make sure you are 100% happy with the family because you are going to be living and working for them for the next year or 2. 

Then I found the family I am now with. It’s a bit like finding that “perfect match”! You get excited, you read their “profile” over again, look at their pictures and hope they feel the same way about you! I scored. They did. After a few emails I firstly spoke to the mum on Skype. Loved her. I just loved her energy, how positive she was and so much more. After that, I had pretty much decided I wanted to work for them. I then had a Skype call and met their kids on Skype. Sold!

A little bit about the family – mum and dad. They have 2 little girls under the age of 5 with a baby on the way. Live near Boston, MA. Lovely people! Active, intelligent, genuine – like I said I scored! And they seemed to feel the same way! 

Unfortunately, our dates didn’t match up. I got scared and kinda accepted they were going to have to find a different Au Pair. However – they made arrangements so they could have me. This was such a great start for me! Whilst hectic, I knew that they had went the extra mile for me and that made me even more eager to get over!

After that, the rest is history! I jumped into get my Visa and everything else sorted (it’s a big list, doctors note, police check etc. Make sure you get it done sooner rather than later!).

And thats how I found the perfect family for me! I waited, took it seriously and asked myself what kind of household I actually wanted to be in. I arrived in America on the 21st of August and have loved every second of it.

Practically perfect in every way!! (always trying to channel that inner Mary Poppins!)

Are you interested in being an Au Pair? I hope my little experience may help you! Other Au Pairs, how easy was it you to find the perfect match?!