I started writing blog posts about my local areas as a way to appreciate what was around me more. Also demonstrating that you don’t have to travel miles upon miles to find a beautiful area or that there might be places only a drive away from you that you haven’t seen before. I love going on adventures. I’m constantly taking hikes and trying to find new, beautiful places. Travelling doesn’t need to be expensive, take a bus and go see somewhere new!

I am loving doing these blogs as it makes me more aware of my surroundings, doesn’t hurt my bank balance (huge win!) and still lets me escape the norm of every day life. I have done a lot of Local Beauties Blogs now, below you will find them all!

Like I said, I have really enjoyed doing these posts and will continue until I run out of places! I hope you like them also! Does anyone else do anything like this? If not, you should start! Get to know your Local Beauties better!!