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That’s us all ready to go! We are off on our mini world trip! 🙊 I am so excited to see some of the world! I don’t know how much I’ll upload when I’m away, depending on wifi I might just post when I get home but we will see! Speak to you all (maybe!) in a month 😁

Suprise day out 

It takes a lot to surprise me. Usually I suss it out and put on a big smile so no one thinks I knew about it! This summer, I have been surprised twice! Once at my surprise graduation party and secondly, yesterday.

 I was with my friend in the morning organising the last of our trip (6 days to go!) when my boyfriend said he was taking me out for a late lunch and he couldn’t tell me where we were going. He said it had something to do with one of his friends and that was my only clue. Immediately my mind went to work. At first I thought he was going to take me to his work to the cafe there. I wasn’t keen, their nachos are amazing but he would of been thinking about wakeboarding the entire time. Perfect date! Then I thought maybe he knew someone that worked on one of the food vans that are up in our area right now for the Edinburgh festival and we were going to the beach for some chips. This had me gleaming! Beach and chips?! This is my idea of a good date!

So he picked me up and we drove the back roads so I knew we weren’t going to his work. Phew! Then we drove past my little pretty beach with all the food trucks and I got confused. No beach and chips?

We drove for about another 10 minutes, me enjoying the views, when he indicated left. I came out my day dream to realise he was turning into Archerfield. I was in complete shock! If you don’t know, Archerfield has a golf course that’s in the top 100 in the world, has a luxury spa and cottages and overall has the reputation of being lavish and upper market… I was in a pair of jeans and jumper so I freaked out!! I knew we weren’t going to get into the golf club like this, not to mention there is a huge tournament on over the past week also. 

However, instead of following the road down to the club house, he made another left. We went down a lovely little road to a stone carpark. I seen more people in jeans and instantly relaxed but also felt confused. I’d never been down this bit before and didn’t know what was going on.

To my absolutely, delighted surprised there is something called the Archerfield Walled Garden with amazing walks around it, pollytunnels, green patches, a brewery, a shop & deli and the perfect pretty little cafe! I think I may of squealed out loud! I was completely shocked.How was I completely oblivious and missed this all?! 

We went in for lunch were we both had burgers and shared a meringue with fresh cream and strawberries. Incredible. So, so good! We almost cleaned the plates but we had eyes bigger than our bellies syndrome! We nearly ordered a meringue each as well, thank goodness we shared – they are massive!! The atmosphere of the Walled Gardens cafe was really comfortable and warm, the staff were so lovely to us and everyone around us. The building its self is gorgeous. It’s beautifully lit up and has lots of local pieces of art work. It’s a place you could come for afternoon tea with your grandparents, bring your friends for a catch up, have your kiddies with you or come on a little romantic date (my favourite personally). Working in the hospititaly industry basically forever (don’t forget, I’m only 22!) ive seen how hard it can be do offer an establishment that covers all this. They have really done it so well.

Afterwards, we went for a walk around the trail the Willow walk which has numerous  trees being shaped into fantastic structures! Such as the Willow Kirk, the Willow Den and the Willow spiral! I honestly can’t say who was enjoying themselves more, the adults on the trail or the children! 

We ended up detouring from the trail to get closer to the golf course to have a peak. After deciding that it was time to get back to the trail, whilst we were walking back up and discussing phone traffifs (I know, exciting!) when all I could do was say “Nick Nick Nick!!”. Turning around he sees me jumping up and down and pointing. To two deers! A male and female looking directly at us! I was so excited at how close we were to them I almost cried! 

Getting back to the trail after our fantastic deer experience we made our way to the wishing tree. This is one of my favourite parts of the trail. It’s a tree with lots of ribbons tied to it, each one representing a wish from someone who has been there. It’s such a beautiful concept whilst also being beautiful to look at – I completely love it. We tied our ribbons and made our wish. 

Heading back up to the cafe building we went and explore the The Walden Garden. It grows everything. Pea, rubarbs, kale, tomatoes, cabbages… Everything! They also have the cutest scarecrow I’ve ever seen. It’s so peaceful and lovely. You also get all the amazing smells from all the different plants growing!

So overall, this was in my top 3 of best date days out ever. I was compelelty surprised, got fed extremely well, got to go exploring in the lands, smell all the beautiful plants and I got to make a wish. If you are ever in Scotland and this area I 100% recommend going to the Archerfield Walden Garden. Perfect day out. I can’t wait to get back and see more of it! 

I’ve posted some of my pictures from the day below, so hopefully you can see how good the day really was! 

Has anyone else ever been before? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?! 😊

Work work work


This is 100% me! However, this is my last weekend working before I take off on my travels on Thursday! Eeek! 

Local Beauties 18 

These photos are from the start of summer when my sister and I climbed Traprain Law. I’ve lived all my life only about a 10/15 minute drive away from this huge hill and had never walked up it!! 

If I knew it had wild ponies at the top I would of been there every day! We picked such a good, sunny day to walk it for the first time. Saying that, I went back a few days later with my friend in the rain and the view was still lovely! 

The ponies are there to imrpove the quality of the land by gracing all year round. You can find the full story and power of the pony!! In this link here to our local newspaper. I love that they are not only lovely and add to the beauty of Traprain Law but actually help the land also!

Traprain Law, East Lothain – Scotland.

Does anyone else know of hills or mountains that have ponies on them for the land? Or any other any other animals? I love the entire concept! 

Puppies in the Garden

How cute are my puppies?! 😍❤️ some fun in the garden with Bonnie and Clyde yesterday in the sun! 

I haven’t shared some photos of them in a while so I thought I would because the are just the cutest!! 

Bonnies our girl and the cream one and Clydes our boy, the black one. It’s so hard getting a good photo of him as he just all blends unless he has that pink tongue out! 

Fantasy Land

Who’s to say that our world isn’t the right world?! Goodnight 😘🦄🦄

Another Wonderful Wedding

Another weekend passed another wedding… that’s how June and July feels anyway!

This past weekend it was my godmothers wedding and it was honestly the most beautiful, loving and funny wedding I’ve been too! The venue was in North Berwick and the McDonald Marine Hotel and Spa which is a really stunning venue. The sun shined for them during the ceremony and afterward for champagne in the gardens. Picture perfect! The food was delicious and the staff were lovely. In the evening section there was a buffet serving bacon and chips alongside vegan sandwiches and dip (odd combo but it worked!) with a live band and celidih dancing.

It was all so beautiful I thought I would share some photo, I hope you like 😊

Does anyone else’s life seem to be filled with constantly weddings right now? Suppose… Tis the season! 

Going to bed with a smile on my face

It’s under 10 days until I go on my mini trip. I’ve worked my butt off and done it all on my own. I’ve gotten through uni with good grades and my life is filled with good things going on, not just for me but for my family and friends.Feeling completely  peaceful 💜

To anyone who isn’t there yet, you are strong 💕

Local Beauties 17

So for graduation my parents got me a camera and I have been having a play with it. They got me it for going away on my Mini World Trip (2 weeks today! Woo!) and I have been loving it. Its waterproof, bounce proof and takes a pretty picture.. perfect for someone clumsy like me! So whilst I have been working crazy hours I have been trying to get some time to get use to my new piece of technology, and I feel like I have gotten the hang of it!

So a couple days ago my family and I went on a wee drive and got a chippy for dinner! We went to sit at the Harbour and eat it. It was a really lovely, warm night so we went out the car played Pokemon Go, went Geocaching and played with my camera!

The area we were in, Port Seton, is a special place for us as my great granny lived there all her life so not only did my mum grow up there, we practically did too. So it was great running around the town, we haven’t done it since she passed away.

I hope you like my photos! Remember, I was just practising! I now need to find a photo editor for my macbook, does anyone have any suggestions? I always use my phone and different apps on that so it is unusually to be doing this from my laptop! 

Port Seton, East Lothian – Scotland.


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