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Local Beauties 16

A place where me and my papa use to always go after our drive to collect shells for my great granny. I’m not taking about a pokect full, we would each have a large tesco bags full by time we went to see her that day! Her front garden was full of shells from so many different beaches and lots of different coloured roses! Pink and yellow espically. Her back garden was the exact same but also had shells displayed in the concrete work! Maybe that’s why I love the beach so much?

A beautiful sunset on a beautiful beach, around a 10 minutes drive from my gran and papas house. There’s a lighthouse you can walk to and lots of lovely areas for picnics and general fun days out.

The White Sands, East Lothian – Scotland.

Did anyone else have a granny obsessed with something, such as shells, like mine?! 


Local BeautiesĀ 

I thought I would start sharing some stunning areas that I live near. I love going on adventures so I’m constantly taking hikes and trying to find new, beautiful places. Travelling doesn’t need to be expensive, take a bus and go see somewhere new!
This is North Berwick, East Lothian – Scotland. 


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