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Hello 2017…

It feels weird to be back writing here. I’ve opened up my laptop to write so many times but never found to words to something I have always enjoyed doing so much.

The last time I wrote I was 2 weeks into my Mini World TripĀ Ā and loving life. I had just graduated, was back with my boyfriend, the love of my life and on a trip of the life time (can you feel the if it’s too good to be true, it probably is moment coming? Wait for it!). I was in Thailand and my boyfriend and I started to break up. It was pretty horrible, especially when you are thousands of miles away and can’t do anything about it or even get your say properly.

In a way, I am so incredibly happy I was away with my friend when it happened. I got to see there is so much to life, I was seeing the world and all it had to offer. Why should I offer my all to a boy who doesn’t appreciate everything I had? So I picked myself up and got on with the trip of a lifetime. And it truly was.

However, when you get home reality hits. I was alone, had the holiday blues, no “life” plan Ā (which every adult seems to think graduates should have?!) and the person I love had dumped me and got a new girlfriend before I had hit home soil. It’s been pretty bloody shit.Ā 

It’s funny how the people around you are truly the people who can make or break you. I don’t know where I would be without my family or girls. They have helped build me back up and kept me sane. They have helped me party my ass off and taken my mind off anything that could bring me down. I am so lucky that I have amazing people in my life!!

So I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to come back and write yet. Every time I have I usually got myself upset as a lot that is on my blog are memories I shared with him. So… here comes the biggest cliche of them all… NEW YEAR, NEW ME!!!…. Just joking. But I have been super excited to say goodbye to 2016 and get stuck into 2017. The past few weeks Iā€™ve been putting myself out there, going on dates again, focusing on my health and wellbeing, spending time with amazing people and just enjoying myself and doing things for me. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on a person other than yourself.

I have a lot of plans for 2017 and I can’t wait to share them all. I also can’t wait to finally write about my trip away!!! I keep looking at photos and can’t get over how lucky I was to go on such a trip at my age.

I’m going to share my favourite words and my favourite picture that sums up how I’ve started this new year and how I intend to make it my year.

“As my friend, the dear, departed Princess Leia, said to me, ‘Take your broken heart, make it into art.'” – Meryl Streep.



How to deal with heartbreak 101

So recently, I found myself on the end of heartbreak with my partner and I splitting up. After almost 3 years together, I took the breakup extremely badly and found myself being Ā a complete zombie! So after a week or two of complete moping, I shook myself and got on with life! And here are some of the things I done and focused my energy on to get back on with life.

Dont Slander On Social Media

Whatever you do, do not say anything on your Facebook or Twitter that you are going to regret or someone is going to screenshot and discuss in the lads chat. Stay dignified. Its hard but empowering when you see other ex couples going at it on Facebook for everyone to see. If you have to get something out, I personally recommend perhaps a cryptic quote. You are directly saying anything but it feels good sometimes! Avoid tweets with swearing and calling your ex every name under the sun. Text you girls for this type of therapy.

Revenge Body

To thank Khloe Kardashian, I truly believe getting in the “Revenge Body” mode, started my post breakup recovery. Its sad but true – I wanted my ex the next time to see me to complete kick himself for ever letting me go! So I hit the gym and it honestly is the best, whilst also being the most healthiest, form of realise! You’re getting hot and letting out emotion be it on the treadmill, taking a class or bashing it out with a punch bag!

Glam up!

Get out the post breakup pjs and get dressed up! This is even better if you started working on your “Revenge Body” – everything fits so much better!! Make yourself feel good. Go get a tan, your nails done, teeth whitened, fix your roots or change your hairstyle completely. Do something to make yourself feel pretty! Looking good on the outside can start making you feel better on the inside.

Girls Night

So you’ve been hitting the gym, you are now looking fresh and revived – it is time to call the girls. Be it your best friend for cocktails or your squad for a night out dancing, get out for some R&R with your ladies! Get yourself out and enjoy yourself. Put your favourite dress up, bit of make up and go enjoy some music over french martinis! Also, as tempting as it may be, go somewhere that you know your ex doesn’t go. Show off your new lease off life! And don’t forget – get a cracking photo for your InstagramĀ the next day!! Girls night will allow you to get your giggle on and be around people you feel safe with.

Meet New People

I am not saying jump on tinder and find a new man!! At one point I was ready to potentially drop whatever I was holding on the next person that suggested I should get a new man and get on tinder! What I mean here is, go places you don’t usually go or attend a class that you have never been before. Get chatty and make new friends. You might be surprised at the cool people you meet. People that fill a void and who you focus your attention on instead of giving it to someone who doesn’t deserve it. I’ve now got a whole new social circle of these amazing, wonderful people!

Stay Busy

I found, especially at the beginning, the second I was alone in my room bored, Id find myself on my ex’s Instagram… and Twitter..Facebook too! Its a bit stalkerish I know! But we all do it! So try and keep yourself busy at all cost! Make sure when its bed time you are so tired from an awesome day, you turn a movie on and fall asleep right away! My wardrobe was re-organisedĀ about 789 times and I have re-read all the Harry Potter books.

Dont Beat Yourself Up

If you happen to have a weak moment and message your ex, don’t beat yourself up. It happens. Missing people, especially someone you love and shared your intimate life with, is hard work. Of course it happens. If it does, feel the emotion, embrace it and then move on from the situation.

Soon enough by doing these thing, it stop being about doing it to show that I am okay, showing my ex what he was missing. It became about me and how proud of myself I was for being able to pick my life back up and making a new better one. Everyone deals with breakups differently. Feel it, grieve it and move the feck on because if I have learned anything out of the past few months of my life it is – if its for you it won’t pass you!

It can only get better, promise.


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