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Another Wonderful Wedding

Another weekend passed another wedding… that’s how June and July feels anyway!

This past weekend it was my godmothers wedding and it was honestly the most beautiful, loving and funny wedding I’ve been too! The venue was in North Berwick and the McDonald Marine Hotel and Spa which is a really stunning venue. The sun shined for them during the ceremony and afterward for champagne in the gardens. Picture perfect! The food was delicious and the staff were lovely. In the evening section there was a buffet serving bacon and chips alongside vegan sandwiches and dip (odd combo but it worked!) with a live band and celidih dancing.

It was all so beautiful I thought I would share some photo, I hope you like šŸ˜Š

Does anyone else’s life seem to be filled with constantly weddings right now? Suppose… Tis the season! 

Local BeautiesĀ 

I thought I would start sharing some stunning areas that I live near. I love going on adventures so I’m constantly taking hikes and trying to find new, beautiful places. Travelling doesn’t need to be expensive, take a bus and go see somewhere new!
This is North Berwick, East Lothian – Scotland. 


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