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Matching with my Host Family

So a quick insight into how I became an Au Pair and how I matched and found a family in America! Some bits I learned and what company I used!

I think it was back in January I was looking into a company called Cultural Care Au Pair. I as in the process of looking for a big life change. I knew I wanted to work/volunteer with children and have a change of scenery. Au pairing hadn’t actually been something I had planned to do. I stumbled over the website and liked what I was reading so went on and done some research. The website is easy to understand, cuts to the chance and gives you all of the information. Something that I found as a reassuring surprise after all the other websites I had been on!! I’ve actually just had a wee peak at the website now, they’ve updated and it’s looking great!¬†

 Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 15.26.19

From this, I filled in the application form. I think I had only done 50% of it when a lady called Steph got in touch with me from the London office. I adored this! She filled in the blanks for me, answered any questions I had and just gave the company a more inviting feel. Very important when you are about to make a huge life decision!

After speaking to Steph, I worked on my application some more. When I first started it, I didn’t realise that the families you would eventually be talking to would read this application over. Hence why it’s long and detailed. However, if like me sitting down and knocking it out in one go seems like a first-world nightmare! You can work on it and save as you go – however be quick if you’re looking to get the ball rolling and away soon.

I attended a meeting with one of cultural care’s ambassador in Edinburgh. It was very informative and again, gave me the personal touch to the company I like!

After that I decided I definitely wanted to go ahead, thus finding a match family!

A little like a dating app (it’s honestly the best way I can think to describe it) you match with a family. You then read that family’s application and they read yours. You can email back and forth and if you like each other you go from there!

I went through a few families before I found my (perfect) little family I’m now with. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong wrong with the people I had spoken to beforehand. Genuinely the dates I wanted to come over and the dates they needed didn’t workout. I matched with one family, who whilst being lovely, were very strict with their children which of course is more than fine! But I knew that wasn’t going to work for me as I’m more of a loud, lets make a mess and dance about kinda person. The match wouldn’t have gone well. I learned it‚Äôs so important to know yourself and how you operate! Don’t rush a decision just because you are excited – make sure you are 100% happy with the family because you are going to be living and working for them for the next year or 2.¬†

Then I found the family I am now with. It‚Äôs a bit like finding that ‚Äúperfect match‚ÄĚ! You get excited, you read their ‚Äúprofile‚ÄĚ over again, look at their pictures and hope they feel the same way about you! I scored. They did. After a few emails I firstly spoke to the mum on Skype. Loved her. I just loved her energy, how positive she was and so much more. After that, I had pretty much decided I wanted to work for them. I then had a Skype call and met their kids on Skype. Sold!

A little bit about the family Рmum and dad. They have 2 little girls under the age of 5 with a baby on the way. Live near Boston, MA. Lovely people! Active, intelligent, genuine Рlike I said I scored! And they seemed to feel the same way! 

Unfortunately, our dates didn’t match up. I got scared and kinda accepted they were going to have to find a different Au Pair. However – they made arrangements so they could have me. This was such a great start for me! Whilst hectic, I knew that they had went the extra mile for me and that made me even more eager to get over!

After that, the rest is history! I jumped into get my Visa and everything else sorted (it’s a big list, doctors note, police check etc. Make sure you get it done sooner rather than later!).

And thats how I found the perfect family for me! I waited, took it seriously and asked myself what kind of household I actually wanted to be in. I arrived in America on the 21st of August and have loved every second of it.

Practically perfect in every way!! (always trying to channel that inner Mary Poppins!)

Are you interested in being an Au Pair? I hope my little experience may help you! Other Au Pairs, how easy was it you to find the perfect match?!

Is anyone out there…

Anyone out there‚Ķ It’s been a while!!

Lets get right into it.

This time last year I came back from my mini-world trip with my best friend. I was going to write all about it, I was so excited to share everything I had seen and got the chance to do (Desert Safari in Dubai – add it to your bucket list!).

Then I came home and my life had done a 360. The moral of the story is – I had just finished uni and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I had left with a boyfriend and came back without one and I was excepted to know exactly what was next for me.

After the best few weeks it was a harsh reality.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I still don’t. Who even truly does?!

So I’ve worked ruddy hard over the last year, on myself and in my work life. I worked 4 jobs, I cut out people who weren’t good for my life or good to me. I focussed on the relationships I had with my family and made them stronger. I was harsh but I needed to be.

For the first time in 24 years I asked myself what I wanted. All I knew is I wanted more. To experience more. Keep growing. Never settling. Never stopping.

So 1 year on here I am. If you knew me personally, the change can be seen just by looking at me. My family and friends comment on how strong I am, how I don’t stop and keep going. That’s me – no more stopping. I have done many times and have wasted so much time. Be it on boyfriends, friends and horrible jobs. If it doesn’t make you happy, make you grow or make you want to get out of bed in the more – why the hell are you doing it? To pay a bill? Because you don’t want to be alone? You’re scared that it might hurt? Change is scary.¬†

However, I called the BS line on myself. Never have I once looked back.¬† Not everything I want from life has happened. Thats fine. I’ll find new thing that work. It’s been hard. It still can be hard. Worth it though.

So that is where I am now. I am writing this blog – not from my home in Scotland. From Boston, Massachusetts!

I made a decision and went in blind before I could change my mind or before anyone could make me question it.

I have now been in America for a month, being an Au Pair for the most beautiful little family.

I already know this is going to be one the best things I will ever do. More on that later.

For now, I just wanted to write. Wanted to come back to something I enjoyed! Because I enjoy everything I do now and I want to share it.

So stick around for for my new journey! I cant wait to see what tomorrow will bring!!


**side note. I wrote this listening to Destiny’s Child – Survivor. Coincidence?! I think not.¬†

30 Things to do Before I Turn 30

So if you have been reading my blog recently you would see that I am currently having an issue of what to do with my life next. In order to try and bring some order to my life and what I want to achieve I have made a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30.

I really enjoyed creating this list! It puts some things in to perspective for you and not only lets you see where you want to be but also what you have already done!

So below is my 30 before 30 list (with some little side notes for myself… encouragement if you will!!).

  1. Swim with Sharks
  2. Party in Ibiza (this year?!)
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Drink in a fancy Vineyard with good cheese and bread
  5. Go (full) skinny dipping 
  6. Visit 30 different countries
  7. Bungee Jump/Sky dive
  8. Get your motorbike licence (or have a couple shots on one!) 
  9. Learn to shoot a gun (and well!) 
  10. Climb a mountain
  11. Travel somewhere all by yourself 
  12. Camp somewhere beautiful 
  13. Splurge on an item you can’t afford but will last for years (Rolex, Louboutin…)¬†
  14. Take a cross-country road trip/big road trip
  15. Take surf board lessons 
  16. Attempt to learn an instrument 
  17. Throw a fundraiser/volunteer for a charity close to your heart 
  18. Live abroad 
  19. Learn how to ski/snowboard!! (or at least take a couple of lessons!)
  20. Spend New Years eve somewhere amazing (The Caribbean, Disneyland Paris….)
  21. Learn about your family history 
  22. Take as many ‚ÄúHow To‚ÄĚ “Beginner” classes as possible
  23. Get (more) tattoos 
  24. Read more Classic Books/History books  
  25. See you favourite singer/band 
  26. Be part of a TV audience 
  27. See a Broadway/Westend show
  28. Learn to fish 
  29. Learn (the very basics) of a Language 
  30. Do some form of run/challenge/marathon 

30.1‚Ķ. You should probably do something that is more ‚ÄúAdult Life‚ÄĚ too! Buy a house, find someone to settle down with‚Ķ Get a pet!!!

So thats my list! Everything in bold is what I have done already but feel like are important and that I should continue doing or trying! Im currently 23 so have 7 years to get this down!!

Does anyone else have a list? I would love to read yours or see if we have anything similar! 



Nothing’s ever easy right? 

I’m currently at one of those pinochle moments in my life were I need to decide what to do next. I’m 23, living in Scotland with my family, got my degree last year, went and done a little travelling came home and worked. Not in any major jobs that I can climb further in the ladder for my career. I’m just in a “comfertable state” of living… which I like but detest all in one. I like uncomfortable. Change. Movement. New Challeneges. 

So what next?

Do I continue with travelling being my main prority? 

Do I apply for those difficult to get into summer programmes in America then come home and do a Ski season in France. Do I try and find a volunteer project that doesn’t cost thousands for longer than 2 weeks in Asia or Africa. Do I apply for an Australian visa and go over there in September for a year or 2 and try and find work. How will I survive and see the world at the same time.

Or do I stay in Scotland?

Focus on getting a better job, perhaps in Edinburgh that is all about events, marketing, social media or PR that I love. Save for holidays and try and get my travel fix through that. Wait until after summer finishes to apply and get a train ticket to go see Europe first before coming home and settling. Do I open my own business – pick one of the many ideas in my head and try my hardest to make it work.


I see positive and negatives in both. I love travelling more than anything. However do I come home at 24/25 and try to build a career up when all my peers are settled? I know, I know focus on your own self! But will travelling make me less employeeable? 

These are the worries of this 23 year old girl trying to make the next move!

Is anyone else currently at this point in their life’s? 

Or has anyone been here, done that and gotten the t-shirt? Because I could never turn down some first hand knowledge and advice! 


A Woman Should…

Came across this on Facebook and had to share. Feeling the #girlpower #girlboss vibes today!! 

Enough money within her control to move out…
And rent a place of her own
even if she never wants to
or needs to…¬†
Something perfect to wear if the employer
or date of her dreams wants to See Her in an hour…¬†

A youth she’s content to leave behind….
A past juicy enough that she’s looking forward to
retelling it in her Old Age….

A set of screwdrivers,
a cordless drill, and a black lace bra…
One friend who always makes her laugh…
And one Who lets her cry…

A good piece of furniture not previously owned
by anyone else in her Family…
Eight matching plates,
wine glasses with stems,
And a recipe for a meal that will make
her guests feel Honored…
A feeling of control over her destiny…

How to fall in love without losing herself..
When to try harder…

That she can’t change the length of her calves,
The width of her hips,
or the nature of her parents..
That her childhood may not have been perfect…
But it’s over…

What she would and wouldn’t do for love or more…
How to live alone…
Even if she doesn’t like it…

Whom she can trust,
Whom she can’t,
And why she shouldn’t take it personally…

Where to go…
Be it to her best friend’s kitchen table…
Or a charming inn in the woods…
When her soul needs soothing…

What she can and can’t accomplish in a day…
A month…
And a year…

Written by Pamela Redmond Satran



Hello 2017…

It feels weird to be back writing here. I’ve opened up my laptop to write so many times but never found to words to something I have always enjoyed doing so much.

The last time I wrote I was 2 weeks into my Mini World Trip¬†¬†and loving life. I had just graduated, was back with my boyfriend, the love of my life and on a trip of the life time (can you feel the if it’s too good to be true, it probably is moment coming? Wait for it!). I was in Thailand and my boyfriend and I started to break up. It was pretty horrible, especially when you are thousands of miles away and can’t do anything about it or even get your say properly.

In a way, I am so incredibly happy I was away with my friend when it happened. I got to see there is so much to life, I was seeing the world and all it had to offer. Why should I offer my all to a boy who doesn’t appreciate everything I had? So I picked myself up and got on with the trip of a lifetime. And it truly was.

However, when you get home reality hits. I was alone, had the holiday blues, no “life” plan ¬†(which every adult seems to think graduates should have?!) and the person I love had dumped me and got a new girlfriend before I had hit home soil. It’s been pretty bloody shit.¬†

It’s funny how the people around you are truly the people who can make or break you. I don’t know where I would be without my family or girls. They have helped build me back up and kept me sane. They have helped me party my ass off and taken my mind off anything that could bring me down. I am so lucky that I have amazing people in my life!!

So I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to come back and write yet. Every time I have I usually got myself upset as a lot that is on my blog are memories I shared with him. So… here comes the biggest cliche of them all… NEW YEAR, NEW ME!!!…. Just joking. But I have been super excited to say goodbye to 2016 and get stuck into 2017. The past few weeks I‚Äôve been putting myself out there, going on dates again, focusing on my health and wellbeing, spending time with amazing people and just enjoying myself and doing things for me. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on a person other than yourself.

I have a lot of plans for 2017 and I can’t wait to share them all. I also can’t wait to finally write about my trip away!!! I keep looking at photos and can’t get over how lucky I was to go on such a trip at my age.

I’m going to share my favourite words and my favourite picture that sums up how I’ve started this new year and how I intend to make it my year.

“As my friend, the dear, departed Princess Leia, said to me, ‘Take your broken heart, make it into art.'” – Meryl Streep.


Travelling update!

Hello all!

I’ve officially been travelling for 2 weeks – how did that happen! 2 weeks to go!

So far we have seen Dubai, Bangkok and are in Koh Samui now. We leave for Sydney on Saturday and then go to LA and end in Las Vegas! 

So far this trip has been incredible, we have seen so much and been able to finally celebrate that we both got our degrees! 

I plan to post about my trip when I get home as I quickly realised when I got to Dubai I didn’t want to be on my phone typing up my experiences and not living them! However, and I’ll show it properly when I get back, I’ve been writing in a little diary small entries about each day so I won’t be forgetting anything and I’ve loved doing that! 

So for now, I leave you with a travelling cliche quote! True and cheesy – I adore that! Enjoy the rest of your summer guys! 


That’s us all ready to go! We are off on our mini world trip! ūüôä I am so excited to see some of the world! I don’t know how much I’ll upload when I’m away, depending on wifi I might just post when I get home but we will see! Speak to you all (maybe!) in a month ūüėĀ

Suprise day out 

It takes a lot to surprise me. Usually I suss it out and put on a big smile so no one thinks I knew about it! This summer, I have been surprised twice! Once at my surprise graduation party and secondly, yesterday.

 I was with my friend in the morning organising the last of our trip (6 days to go!) when my boyfriend said he was taking me out for a late lunch and he couldn’t tell me where we were going. He said it had something to do with one of his friends and that was my only clue. Immediately my mind went to work. At first I thought he was going to take me to his work to the cafe there. I wasn’t keen, their nachos are amazing but he would of been thinking about wakeboarding the entire time. Perfect date! Then I thought maybe he knew someone that worked on one of the food vans that are up in our area right now for the Edinburgh festival and we were going to the beach for some chips. This had me gleaming! Beach and chips?! This is my idea of a good date!

So he picked me up and we drove the back roads so I knew we weren’t going to his work. Phew! Then we drove past my little pretty beach with all the food trucks and I got confused. No beach and chips?

We drove for about another 10 minutes, me enjoying the views, when he indicated left. I came out my day dream to realise he was turning into Archerfield. I was in complete shock! If you don’t know, Archerfield has a golf course that’s in the top 100 in the world, has a luxury spa and cottages and overall has the reputation of being lavish and upper market… I was in a pair of jeans and jumper so I freaked out!! I knew we weren’t going to get into the golf club like this, not to mention there is a huge tournament on over the past week also. 

However, instead of following the road down to the club house, he made another left. We went down a lovely little road to a stone carpark. I seen more people in jeans and instantly relaxed but also felt confused. I’d never been down this bit before and didn’t know what was going on.

To my absolutely, delighted surprised there is something called the Archerfield Walled Garden with amazing walks around it, pollytunnels, green patches, a brewery, a shop & deli and the perfect pretty little cafe! I think I may of squealed out loud! I was completely shocked.How was I completely oblivious and missed this all?! 

We went in for lunch were we both had burgers and shared a meringue with fresh cream and strawberries. Incredible. So, so good! We almost cleaned the plates but we had eyes bigger than our bellies syndrome! We nearly ordered a meringue each as well, thank goodness we shared – they are massive!! The atmosphere of the Walled Gardens cafe was really comfortable and warm, the staff were so lovely to us and everyone around us. The building its self is gorgeous. It’s beautifully lit up and has lots of local pieces of art work. It’s a place you could come for afternoon tea with your grandparents, bring your friends for a catch up, have your kiddies with you or come on a little romantic date (my favourite personally). Working in the hospititaly industry basically forever (don’t forget, I’m only 22!) ive seen how hard it can be do offer an establishment that covers all this. They have really done it so well.

Afterwards, we went for a walk around the trail the Willow walk which has numerous  trees being shaped into fantastic structures! Such as the Willow Kirk, the Willow Den and the Willow spiral! I honestly can’t say who was enjoying themselves more, the adults on the trail or the children! 

We ended up detouring from the trail to get closer to the golf course to have a peak. After deciding that it was time to get back to the trail, whilst we were walking back up and discussing phone traffifs (I know, exciting!) when all I could do was say “Nick Nick Nick!!”. Turning around he sees me jumping up and down and pointing. To two deers! A male and female looking directly at us! I was so excited at how close we were to them I almost cried! 

Getting back to the trail after our fantastic deer experience we made our way to the wishing tree. This is one of my favourite parts of the trail. It’s a tree with lots of ribbons tied to it, each one representing a wish from someone who has been there. It’s such a beautiful concept whilst also being beautiful to look at – I completely love it. We tied our ribbons and made our wish. 

Heading back up to the cafe building we went and explore the The Walden Garden. It grows everything. Pea, rubarbs, kale, tomatoes, cabbages… Everything! They also have the cutest scarecrow I’ve ever seen. It’s so peaceful and lovely. You also get all the amazing smells from all the different plants growing!

So overall, this was in my top 3 of best date days out ever. I was compelelty surprised, got fed extremely well, got to go exploring in the lands, smell all the beautiful plants and I got to make a wish. If you are ever in Scotland and this area I 100% recommend going to the Archerfield Walden Garden. Perfect day out. I can’t wait to get back and see more of it! 

I’ve posted some of my pictures from the day below, so hopefully you can see how good the day really was! 

Has anyone else ever been before? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?! ūüėä

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