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Cruising around Italy

Before I get into this post I am devastated as I have just found out I am missing a lot of my pictures as my old laptop completely wiped them out. However, I am lucky enough to get my hands on these ones.

I was lucky enough to have the chance of going on a Thomson Cruise around Italy and some of the surrounding Islands in 2013. A cruise, whilst it isn’t for everyone, I 100% recommend on going on one. My favourite thing about being on the cruise was I could explore all day in the city we were in, go back to the boat to get showered and dolled up, enjoy my evening, go to bed to wake up in another wonderful city the next day. This really appeals to me, how many different places can be seen in one trip.

So we started this trip in Crete travelling to Malta next, some parts around Sicily, Rome, Naples, back to Sicily before de-docking to come home.

The places we visited were so wonderful and pure. I truly wish to go back someday. However Rome… Rome captured my heart in such magical way. The city is a constant rush between new buildings, old ruins, greenery, the pull of Vatican City, people selling Gelato and their artwork on the corners of fountains, tours running all over the place and people hustling their day to day lives. It is everything I love crammed into one stunning, historically city. We only got to spend a day in Rome, but ill be back.

Naples… was like a game of crash bandicoot. It is so busy!! But unlike Rome, you get more of a feel of the residents of the City trying to get on with their working lives than perhaps a tourist vibe. Also the traffic is mad! – I think I almost got ran over twice! However, the people are amazing and the food was beyond excellent. We only got 4 hour in Naples, so I definitely wish to go back and explore properly.

Sicily is like the backdrop of the next big rom-com with Ryan Gosling as the star. Its beauty is beyond words. I believe I could quite happily move over their now and live the rest of my life eating the local food whilst being around the amazing people.

If you are considering a Cruise, I couldn’t recommend Thomson enough! Their staff on that ship were beyond outstanding and you truly get the feeling of security on the ship. This was a once in a lifetime trip that I was lucky enough to get to go to.

I actually remembering almost bursting into tears in my bosses office before the trip as he didn’t think I would be able to get the time off for it as I was away to Egypt the next month and I knew I wouldn’t get this chance again (I was very fortunate in 2013!) but luckily it worked out.  If you get the chance, fight for it and go to Italy too. 

Italy, I will be back! I have so much more left to see! 

Travel Plans

So! I have finally finished uni! To celebrate my friend and I booked a mini world trip, leaving in mid-August. We start in Dubai going to Bangkok, Koh Samui, Sydney, LA, Las Vegas where we get to see Britney  Spears! (life long dream!!!) 💃 and then London to get back home to Edinburgh! We are so excited and can’t wait! Plane tickets and hotels are all booked and paid for.

We are currently trying to make plans on what to do in each place. As we aren’t anywhere for very long we have to be as organised as possible, so if anyone has any tips, recommendations or general favourite places to go please feel free to comment and let me know.


3 Months To Go!!



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