In 2011 I left school. Its now 2016 and I am finally almost at the end of my education, on track to be finishing university with a degree. I am extremely proud of myself and everything I have gone through and done to get to this position of almost beating the university hurdle… But what’s next? It is such a cliché that every undergrad in my position thinks to themselves at this time of year (trust me, everyone is freaking out). We have little over 2 months left and everyone we know starts giving us the look and starts questioning us what the plan is after uni. Instead of battling out in my head on my own I feel like it’s healthier to write, so why not start now.

What’s next?

Do I go off and see the world? See the elephants in Thailand, climb a volcano in Hawaii or swim with the dolphins in the Mediterranean, whilst waitressing in between to pay for the next flight ticket. Should I keep applying for jobs in my degree field – all of which keep saying get back to us when you have a degree – that’s great, when the deadline is closed. Fabulous. Keep living with my (wonderful) parents and family, go to work when I am supposed to and carry on living the same life?

Again, what’s next? Such a cliché I know, I know. I am officially a “cringe”.

But I think this blog is about embracing the cliché. Lets just write, tackling the unknown together and see what happens. Stories of adventure? Another job application that took over an hour to apply for? Why trainers are the new high heels? What I ate this weekend? Why Thor is the best Avenger? Who knows.

Lets embrace the unknown. Embrace the cliché!!!