I have been looking at old photos through my Facebook recently of the placesI have been lucky enough to see. I came across these photos of my families trip up North to the Isle of Lewis, where my dads side of the family is from. I still smile at my amazing memories from this weekend, we spent there in 2011 for my cousins wedding. For anyone who hasn’t attended a truly Scottish wedding – please do in your life time. But thats another story.

Bernera, where my family originate from, is just outside the better known Stornoway.

Most of my photos have family in them but I have picked a few so hopefully you can get a glimpse of how pretty the area is. So much rich nature and history, whilst having the most loving people ever populating its land. Also please note again that these photos are from 2011. My camera choice needed upgrading and my family appearances have defiantly changed over time!



Can you see that stunning blue sea?! In Scotland?! I know, wow.