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July 2016

Local Beauties 17

So for graduation my parents got me a camera and I have been having a play with it. They got me it for going away on my Mini World Trip (2 weeks today! Woo!) and I have been loving it. Its waterproof, bounce proof and takes a pretty picture.. perfect for someone clumsy like me! So whilst I have been working crazy hours I have been trying to get some time to get use to my new piece of technology, and I feel like I have gotten the hang of it!

So a couple days ago my family and I went on a wee drive and got a chippy for dinner! We went to sit at the Harbour and eat it. It was a really lovely, warm night so we went out the car played Pokemon Go, went Geocaching and played with my camera!

The area we were in, Port Seton, is a special place for us as my great granny lived there all her life so not only did my mum grow up there, we practically did too. So it was great running around the town, we haven’t done it since she passed away.

I hope you like my photos! Remember, I was just practising! I now need to find a photo editor for my macbook, does anyone have any suggestions? I always use my phone and different apps on that so it is unusually to be doing this from my laptop! 

Port Seton, East Lothian – Scotland.


Geocaching life

Have you guys ever heard of geocaching?! If you haven’t Google it and get informed!!

Basically in short if you download the app (I also think you can do it online without the app? But I use the app!) it you gives you your location and your nearest geocaches! We drove and walked all over my county finding different ones! A geo can be anything from a tiny little photo film box (or smaller!) to a Tupperware box. They all have a list in them that you sign after finding them and date them. Some of the bigger boxes have items you can trade, which you can see in my video below! We traded a bracelet for a different bracelet in the box. It also had a pencil sharpener and golf ball in it. 

I started writing this post last week but I’m glad I didn’t post quite yet! When out with my mum and dad my sister and I took them on there first catch! This was quite literally the funniest experince ever!! My dad got grumpy and thought we were winding him up about them as it was a really difficult one to find! And then mum found it so she was over the moan and completely gloating! Hilarious!! 

I’ve looked and places like Dubai where I’m going soon on my mini world trip have some as well! So I’ll defiantly be keep the app and find some when I’m away!

Below are some pictures and videos of how the app works and our finds! There’s one magnetic find which sows you how tiny they can be! And also, one of the boxes with items in it you can trade.


Does anyone geocach? If so where about? And have you done it abroad? My new obsession 🙊

Local Beauties 16

A place where me and my papa use to always go after our drive to collect shells for my great granny. I’m not taking about a pokect full, we would each have a large tesco bags full by time we went to see her that day! Her front garden was full of shells from so many different beaches and lots of different coloured roses! Pink and yellow espically. Her back garden was the exact same but also had shells displayed in the concrete work! Maybe that’s why I love the beach so much?

A beautiful sunset on a beautiful beach, around a 10 minutes drive from my gran and papas house. There’s a lighthouse you can walk to and lots of lovely areas for picnics and general fun days out.

The White Sands, East Lothian – Scotland.

Did anyone else have a granny obsessed with something, such as shells, like mine?! 

Local Beauties 15 (kind off)

So the reason why this post has that little kind off part is due to me having me already blogged about this place in Local Beauties 4 .. However! This place is amazing and is one of my favourite local beauties so I thought I would share it again.

This time, we took my little sister and walked a different way. It is so nice taking someone to one of your favourite places (so long as they like it… And she did!) because you get to share something special to you. 

It was such a fun night! The 3 of us climbed rocks, skipped stones and of course clumbsy me fell climbing up a muddy hill right onto my boyfriend who then crashed, with me, on to a tree! With my little sister laughing at us at the bottom. So now my favourite place also has some new, hilarious memories! I hope you all like my photos from here as much as you did the first time 😊

Cockburnspath, Scottish Borders – Scotland✨

None of these photos are edited and just taken on my iPhone 6s 😊

Does anyone else have a favourite place like this? Have you shared it with anyone or do you keep it a secret? 

Local Beauties 14

Scotland’s weather has been so up and down lately. It’s either scorching hot or we have massive thunder and lighting storms! 

The other day during a break in the weather, we went down to a place called Skateraw, around a 25minute drive from my house but only 15 from my boyfriends. It’s a place I use to always go with my papa but haven’t been in years. It’s a very small beach just beside the huge Torness Power Station. Although small, it has a beach, a very old harbour foundation, is incredibly popular with birdwatchers, is on part with the John Muir trail and has many other historic attributes. 

Personal, I love going here to watch the flying birds over the sea pools and climbing the rocks.

Skateraw, Dunbar, East Lothian – Scotland

I also made a little Bunnie friend 😊🐰 poor wee guy ran across the road when we were coming in! Luckily my emergency stopping skills are very good! 🙈

25 days to go.

25 days until my friend and I go on our mini word trip. This starts in Dubai, Bangkok, Ko Samui, Sydney, LA and finishes in Las Vegas!

I have spent hours looking at blogs and posts on what to do in these places butI would  love some feedback of anyone who has been up any of these places. We aren’t anywhere extremely long so need to be super organised! 

Also if anyone’s has tips on how to not spend a fortune in each place that would be amazing!

So excited!! Visas all organised, everything booked – get me on that plane! 

Local Beauties 13 

Little evening walk tonight with my dogs, sister and friend. It was warm the entire time, at 7pm at night in a beach in Scotland?! Who even knew that could happen! 

All photos are taken at Longniddry, about a 10/15 minute drive from my house and where I use to work. I love it here, such a nice, friendly place.

Also, all photos have no filters (unless it’s the snapchat saves!) such a pretty night! 

Longniddry Bents, East Lothian -Scotland 

I’m a graduate!!

This weekend has been extremely busy! In short; I graduated, my family and friends had a surprise party for me, it was my brothers birthday and I had my graduation ball! 🎓

I am still in complete shock it happened, but I thought I would share a quick glimpse as to what it looked like! 

My family & friends are perfect 🎓💜💜

Busy week ahead 

So this week I’m graduating with a 2:1 Events Mangement degree! I’m also working a ton, getting my nails and hair done (gals, you know this takes a lot more time than it should!) and its 37 days until I go travelling! So, life’s really busy right now but exciting! 

Can’t believe this is the next chapter of my life starting, so exciting and scary!

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